Full List of recipients
Never Rains, but it Pours Paul Pegler LAPS Acceptance
Eastern Beach Diving Tower Robert Schirato Acceptance
Marigold Flower Black White Robert Schirato Acceptance
Heading out in Storm Jutta Clough Acceptance
The Royal Arena Sally Barnes Acceptance
Construct The Peaks Jutta Clough Acceptance
Mal Fran Solly FAPS Acceptance
Peace Leanne Robson FAPS Acceptance
Save The Rest For Later Peter Ryan AFIAP FAPS QPSA Acceptance
Eye to Eye Michael Lewy LAPS Acceptance
Wanaka Willow Terrie O'Dwyer Acceptance
Holding on Janine Waters Acceptance
Butcher Bird Cooranbong Trevor Cotterill Acceptance
Holding hands Maria Mazo FAPS AFIAP PPSA Acceptance
Murphys Haystacks Margaret Phillips Acceptance
Milk Bath Kym Houston FAPS Acceptance
Three Seconds.jpg Kathleen Brand Acceptance
Bridge of Sighs.jpg Kathleen Brand Acceptance
Out of the Reeds Jutta Clough Acceptance
Allan Fran Solly FAPS Acceptance
Goshawk Annmarie Finn Acceptance
Getting Air Peter Ryan AFIAP FAPS QPSA Acceptance
The Wool Store Sally Barnes Acceptance
Falling Waters Lenore Hansen AAPS Acceptance
Flinders Ghosts Lindsay Muirhead LPSNZ Acceptance
The Look Lenore Hansen AAPS Acceptance
Mini Gangster Monochrome Kelly Asmus Albornoz Acceptance
Bombardier Terrie O'Dwyer Acceptance
Dark Angel Kym Houston FAPS Acceptance
Standing by Kym Houston FAPS Acceptance
Having a Chat Michael Lewy LAPS Acceptance
Mal Margaret Phillips Acceptance
Dee Why Ocean Pool David Mercieca FAPS AFIAP Acceptance
Fire Ground Smoke Hazard Phillip Keath AAPS Acceptance