Full List of recipients
Leap Of Faith Melanie Emeny Acceptance
Evening Feed Julie Kermode Acceptance
Get Out of My Way Christine Rowland Acceptance
Sleeping Dragonfly Andrea Lago LAPS Acceptance
White Duo.jpg Kathleen Brand Acceptance
Hunt Jennifer Carrigan Acceptance
Mantis Shrimp Ian Patterson FAPS EFIAP Acceptance
Desert Fox Philip Hardy Acceptance
Taking Home Dinner Annmarie Finn Acceptance
Hippo Ambush Peter Ryan AFIAP FAPS QPSA Acceptance
Beware Lenore Hansen AAPS Acceptance
Where to now Lenore Hansen AAPS Acceptance
A good catch Malcolm Wade Acceptance
Airborne Julie Kermode Acceptance
One Giant Leap Melanie Emeny Acceptance
Tui Flight Lindsay Muirhead LPSNZ Acceptance
Red and Blue Damselfly Christine Rowland Acceptance
Bright Eyes Joylene Lee-Archer AAPS AAPS Acceptance
Pair of Red Gilled Nembrotha Mating Trevor Cotterill Acceptance
Majesty Philip Hardy Acceptance
Rainbow Bee Eater Lindall White Acceptance
Squabble Stuart Cox Acceptance
A Curious Look Lenore Hansen AAPS Acceptance
Please send me a fish Jacqui Davey Acceptance
Feasting on nectar Jacqui Davey Acceptance
Symbiosis Cleaner Shrimp and Moray Trevor Cotterill Acceptance
Lizard King Harry Posadas Acceptance
Big Horn Sheep Call David Mercieca FAPS AFIAP Acceptance
Osprey With Nice Catch Trung Cang Nguyen AAPS Acceptance