Full List of recipients
Tietgen Dormitory Sally Barnes Acceptance
Art Centre Tower Melbourne Peter Phillips AAPS SAPS Acceptance
The Kiosk Annmarie Finn Acceptance
To The Point Annmarie Finn Acceptance
Dubrovnik Town Philip Hardy Acceptance
Railway Station Angela Gregory LAPS Acceptance
Reflected Taj Mahal Jill Hancock Acceptance
Stick Shed Murtoa Julie Kermode Acceptance
Hong Kong Tollgates Michael Lewy LAPS Acceptance
Leading Lines Jennifer Carrigan Acceptance
Fourges houses Maria Mazo FAPS AFIAP PPSA Acceptance
Orange orifice Peter Baxter Acceptance
Teton Cottage Jennifer Carrigan Acceptance
Oia rooftops Alan Boyd LAPS Acceptance
Jewels at Night Kevin Sinclair Acceptance
Graves Enginehouse Lindall White Acceptance
Macchu Picchu Jill Hancock Acceptance
Colonial Architecture Julie Kermode Acceptance
Behind the Glass Andrea Lago LAPS Acceptance
Tabernacle Newcastle Phil Whiteman Acceptance
Yatina Hotel SA Michael Egan AAPS Acceptance
High Rise in Blue Paul Pegler LAPS Acceptance